Adopted Dog Who Lives With Cats Now Thinks He Is One Of Them

This dog was adopted, and since then he hasn't stopped acting like a cat.


It all started when Bethany Castiller and her family visited a local shelter looking to adopt a dog. When they saw a puppy named Mako, he immediately let them know that he wanted to go home with them.

Bethany said that she did not choose him — he chose her. When Bethany and her family visited the animal shelter he was in a cage, and when she started petting him, he looked her straight in the eye, that made her fall in love with him.

Bethany Castiller

Bethany was looking for a dog that got along well with her cats Pecan and Gizmo. The animal shelter told her that Mako was very cat-friendly, they realized that it was perhaps because Mako felt like a cat.

Although they are not very sure, they believe that Mako was raised in a house with cats, because his favorite activities are activities for cats. Mako doesn't bark, he loves cat treats and he loves sitting on cabinets and counters, just like his cat brothers.

Bethany Castiller

When she saw Mako climb on top of the tables and counters, she saw it as something a little strange, but she accepted that that's exactly who Mako is, and that she basically adopted a cat instead of a dog.

Bethany says that Mako chases his toys and jumps like cats. He also likes to lie on the tables with his cat brothers and watch the birds out the window.

Bethany Castiller

Mako is obsessed with his cat brothers and loves to hang out with them all the time. Bethany can't help but laugh every time she enters a room and finds Mako on top of something next to the cats, acting like a cat. 

Mako is definitely different from other dogs, he loves doing cat activities, but despite everything his family loves him.

Bethany Castiller

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