Dog Embraces His Father After Knowing That He Will Be Abandoned In A Shelter

He knew that he would be abandoned in a shelter and did not want to separate from his family.


We know that dogs love their owners very much. They are able to give love to anyone they find in their way, and they only ask for one thing in return, that just as they give love to us, we also give love to them.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do everything possible to protect their pet.

Moses is a sweet Pitbull who loves to run and play all day. He was adopted by a family that loved him very much. Unfortunately, the family went through difficult times and had to move out of their home. The only place they found to live did not allow pets, so they had to separate from Moses. The family said that to this day, it is one of the most difficult decisions they made.

Via Facebook / Nancy Klein

Moses felt that his family was going to leave him, so he tried his best to convince them not to leave. He loved them very much, and could not believe that they were leaving him. Moses did not understand what he had done wrong, he just wanted to go home and be with his family again.

Realizing that his family would not come back for him, he went to a shelter volunteer named Nancy Klein. Nancy felt sad to see what was happening and knew that she had to do something to help him.

Via Facebook / Nancy Klein

Nancy tried to calm Moses by stroking him. She knew he was looking for her help. Although Nancy could not convince Moses' old family to go and pick him up, she assumed she could find a home where he would live forever.

Nancy recorded a video of Moses and explained the situation. After uploading the video to Facebook, she hoped that some family would understand what he was going through and be encouraged to adopt him.

After the video went viral reaching a million views, many people were encouraged to visit the shelter and talked to Nancy to adopt the beautiful dog.

Via Facebook / Nancy Klein

Thanks to Nancy, Moses already had a home after a week of being abandoned in the shelter. He had already found a home where he would receive love, is full of children with whom he could play, human parents who love him, and a place where he can feel safe.

Although Moses had already found a new home, the video uploaded to Facebook was still shared by thousands of people, inspiring many to visit the same shelter and adopt other dogs.

Posted by Nancy Klein on Sunday, January 22, 2017

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