Dog Takes Care of a Homeless Kitten Found Alone on a Farm

Dog found a homeless cat and decided to take care of her.


Thanks to a beautiful family and a dog with a huge heart, a homeless kitten found a new home where she will receive all the love she deserves. She was wandering alone on a farm, she was exposing herself to many dangers.

Morgan, the owner of the farm, and mother of 5 four-legged children, was never planning to adopt another cat, but life gave her a chance to have a pretty kitten. Morgan heard meows coming from outside the farm, but it was almost impossible to find the kitten.

"We tried to call her, but we couldn't find her in the thick layer of trees behind our farm. We took one of our big cats where she was crying, and he smelled her immediately. She was in a small tree stump," Morgan said. 

After they found the kitten, she decided to leave her there, she thought the mother would come back for her. Morgan watched the little kitten from afar, but after several hours passed she decided to go for the kitten since it was very risky to leave her there.

"When it got dark we got nervous about her because we live on a farm where foxes come a lot. So I went out and brought her inside. I couldn't see anything and it was covered with fleas," Morgan said.

After going to pick up the little kitten, she gave a bath to her since it was necessary to be able to remove all the fleas, in addition she decided to call her Polly.

Paxton is a 12-year-old dog that lives in Polly's new house. He had heard the kitten's meows and immediately went to check her out to make sure she was okay. From that moment the dog began to take care of Polly, it seemed that he wanted to adopt her and take care of her.

Polly will never be alone again, Paxton will never leave her.

Morgan was in charge of feeding the kitten. When it was time to eat, Paxton waited patiently while watching the kitten eat, and when she finished, he began to clean.

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"Before she could bathe, Paxton cleaned all the milk. He has taught her many things about dogs, including the noise of barking," Morgan said.

Now Polly follows Paxton everywhere, they have become best friends and are inseparable, it is as if she were his little shadow.

The little kitten has become Paxton's best friend, and he lets her play with his tail and never gets tired. They do everything together, they sleep together and even play with the same toys.

Polly is now 5 months and Paxton 13 years old. Their relationship has been strengthened much more and it is impossible to separate them.


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