Donkey Acts Like a Dog When He Sees His Father Coming Home

A donkey has learned to behave like a dog.


Walter is a beautiful donkey that has grown up with three German shepherd brothers, because of that he has adopted some of the dog habits. But this does not matter to his owner, and still loves him.

Walter was just a baby when he was adopted by Kelly and Brad Blake, they took him to live in their house in Oatman, Arizona. "We have wild donkeys that roam the city," said Brad Blake. Walter's mother rejected him for being very young. The Land Administration office tried for more than 10 hours to get Walter's mother to love him, but none of the attempts worked, so they called Brad Blake and Kelly asking if they wanted to adopt him, and said yes.

It took Walter little time to adapt to what his new life would be. Walter quickly made a strong relationship with his parents, especially his father. Walter was once sick, today is a healthy donkey who lives in the house of the Blakes as if he were one more dog.

Walter loves his stuffed animals! 🥰

Posted by Walter the orphan from Oatman’s happy new life on Saturday, January 18, 2020

"We have three German shepherds and they all helped baby Walter from day one," said Blake. "They have helped us raise him and teach him manners at home."

As a result, Walter has begun to adopt the behavior of his brothers, this goes from how he shows emotion to how he sleeps. But Walter looks more like a dog every time his father returns from a business trip. Once Walter sees his father, he runs and jumps with emotion towards him. He always receives his father very happy, wagging his tail.

Mom and Dad are home!! I am SO EXCITED!! FINALLY!!😀😀Edit: he is being gelded on the 14th... please just enjoy the video❤️🥰🤠

Posted by Walter the orphan from Oatman’s happy new life on Sunday, January 5, 2020

"Every night we walk through the desert to exercise and Walter runs with our shepherds as if he were one of those in the pack," said Blake.

Walter is always helping the local community, he works in several beneficial organizations, and he is even an emotional support donkey. Walter's parents constantly keep fans notified through their Facebook page where they share the adventures they live.

"We never imagined how much Walter would change our lives for the better," said Blake.


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