Fedex Driver Takes His Dachshund Dogs On His Route After The Dog Daycare Closed

A FedEx employee takes his dogs with him while he works.


Chorizo and Cocoa went to the dog daycare at least three times a week, until it had to close due to the pandemic. Now they are at home all the time, but their parents have to work, so they had to be creative to keep the dogs entertained.

Daniel Nava works at FedEx delivering packages, and although he usually makes his deliveries alone, he decided that it would be a good idea to bring some assistants, so while the dog daycare is closed he decided to take his dogs with him to deliver packages.

"The decision to take them with me on deliveries was not an easy one, but my supervisor is very understanding," said Daniel. "I had also brought them with me before without security problems, I have them in a harness that is anchored to my seat while we drive."

At first Daniel was a little nervous about bringing the dogs with him, but then everything changed when he saw that they were having fun.

Chorizo and Cocoa took the job very seriously, and they behaved well while their father worked. Daniel thought it would be better if they looked more professional now that they are FedEx employees, so he made them their own work uniforms.

Chorizo and Cocoa’s FedEx gig while the doggy daycare is closed.

Posted by Daniel Nava on Monday, April 20, 2020

"I ended up making their outfits with some old work shirts, and I bought them doggie sunglasses from Amazon," said Daniel.

Chorizo and Cocoa are the most adorable workers FedEx has ever had, and people have loved seeing the dogs in uniform helping their father work.

"They seem to enjoy their time on the road, sometimes we stop at local neighborhood parks and I let them run around a bit," said Daniel.

While the dog daycare is closed, they will continue to help their father deliver packages.


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