This Girl Saw Her Beloved Dog’s Face In The Clouds Hours After She Died

Young girl sees her dog's face in the clouds after she died.


After her beloved Parson Russell Terrier named Sunny died at the age of 14, Lucy Ledgeway thought this would be the last time she would see her. But it was not like that.

Hours later, Lucy couldn't believe what she was seeing, it was Sunny's face that had formed in the clouds. The 19-year-old girl Lucy decided to go outside to clear her mind and when she looked up the first thing she saw was the face of her dog.

Sunny, Lucy's dog.

Lucy said that it seemed very strange for this to happen. Instead of crying and making this somewhat sadder, she saw it as a sign that Sunny was happy and well in heaven.

Lucy quickly took a picture of the clouds before they moved, and sent them to her mother, who also thought it looked like Sunny. It was crazy.

The York teenager also decided to share the photo she had taken of the clouds with a photo of Sunny on Twitter, and impressively, she received more than 100,000 likes and comments which showed support.

The day Sunny died, it was the day of Lucy's parents' wedding anniversary. Her father had taken Sunny to the vet, but sadly she suffered a seizure and died in his arms. As everyone was sad, Lucy's boyfriend took her on a car ride to clear her mind.

While they were on the car ride, they passed by a place where Sunny used to walk, and that's when they saw her face in the clouds.

Lucy said that after seeing Sunny in the clouds she felt a heat. It was her way of telling Lucy that she was fine.

Many scientists say that we tend to see faces in clouds because the human brain is capable of detecting faces from birth, while others say that the brain gives clouds a random meaning. Still, what Lucy saw was impressive and cute.


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