15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Aniston That Will Make You Fall More In Love With Her

These 15 facts about Jennifer Aniston will make you fall more in love with her.


Jennifer Aniston for many is everything, the most beautiful woman in the world and the friend they have always wanted to have. 

Since she appeared on Friends she has not stopped surprising us with her beauty, elegance, and sense of humor, and although the years go by, we always keep learning new things about her that make us love her even more.

If you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston, enjoy these 15 facts that you may not have known about her.

  1. 1 Thanks to her beauty, she broke records on Instagram reaching 16 million likes in a short period of time

    Instagram / @jenniferaniston

  2. 2 Her greatest fear is drowning, because when she was a child she fell into a pool and since then she has been afraid of water

  3. 3 She loves Mexican food, it's her favorite

  4. 4 She is of Greek, Scottish, and English descent

  5. 5 She was named the most beautiful woman for two consecutive years by People magazine

  6. 6 She loves animals, especially dogs

  7. 7 At just 11 years old she painted a portrait which ended at the MET in New York

  8. 8 Her haircut became so popular that it ended up being called "The Rachel"

  9. 9 With her first check she bought an old Mercedes

  10. 10 She was the one who made others laugh in high school

  11. 11 Her photos are worth a lot. A paparazzi photographed her when she was sunbathing topless, Jennifer sued the photographer and ended up earning $550,000 USD

  12. 12 Like her character Rachel Green, she was a waitress in real life

  13. 13 This is how Jennifer Aniston looks at 51 years old

  14. 14 Forbes named her one of the 10 most powerful actresses in the world

  15. 15 Jennifer Aniston's father starred in "Days Of Our Lives"


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