17 Delivery Men Who Don’t Care How Your Package Arrives

These delivery people do not care if your package arrives well or not.


Maybe you think that going to a store, supermarket or business to buy something is "something of the past", but many people keep going to the store to make sure that what they buy comes home safe.

Technology has advanced a lot in recent times, now we can get what we want by just surfing the internet, and the best of all is that we receive it in our house, but that they send you your package to your house has a very high price , and it's not money, it's the carelessness of some package dealers. These 17 distributors apparently don't get paid enough to deliver packages, so they don't care how the package arrives.

  1. 1 The trash can may not be the right place to leave a package

  2. 2 You leave your house to pick up your package and see a note that says you look up

  3. 3 You take it down from the tree

  4. 4 This does not always happen ... packages that fit perfectly in your window

  5. 5 Maybe it's a good idea for your package not to be stolen

  6. 6 He is not paid to knock on doors. The note said they weren't at home so he didn't deliver the package.

  7. 7 Can you leave my package at the entrance pleas...

  8. 8 No one will find the package, nobody will steal it

  9. 9 He left the package under a bucket near the car

  10. 10 The package clearly said "don't fold"

  11. 11 Maybe it's time to find new ways for fragile packages to get home without breaking

  12. 12 He lacked to raise the red signal of the mailbox

  13. 13 The client asked to leave the package under the mat, the delivery man followed the orders

  14. 14 The package delivery man left them trapped in their own apartment

  15. 15 Another way to prevent packages from being stolen, leave it behind a bush

  16. 16 Now how am I going to get the package out of there?

  17. 17 They swore they didn't kick the package but I don't know if I should believe them


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