Father Accidentally Purchased A Six-Meter Long Dinosaur For His Son

He bought his son a giant dinosaur impossible to move.


Andre Bisson has a four-year-old son, his name is Theo, he's very obsessed with dinosaurs. He became a fan of dinosaurs after seeing the classic Disney animated "Dinosaur", specifically of the Carnotaurus species.

For several months, Theo asked his father to buy him a dinosaur and said: "Dad, I want the biggest Carnotaurus you've ever seen."

They tried to find a large Carnotaurus but all their attempts were unsuccessful. So the child's mother suggested to the father to communicate with Tamba Park in Jersey, the neighboring island, they were selling their dinosaurs.

Via Facebook / Andre Bisson

The father immediately called and did his best to get a dinosaur. Then he said: "This will be the biggest dinosaur you've ever seen."

Meanwhile... on Dino News.. 🦖 Chaz the Carnataur has made the crossing 🌊 and currently resting within a secure compound...

Posted by Andre Bisson on Saturday, January 18, 2020

When he looked for information about the dinosaur, he thought it would be about three meters long and that it would fit perfectly next to his hot tub and it would be fun. Everything changed when Channel Seaways said they did an impressive job trying to get the dinosaur out of Jersey, they told him it didn't fit in his truck and immediately thought that the dinosaur would be about 6 meters long.

The dinosaur was not a cheap attraction for his home, it cost around $ 1,300. Andre wanted to have the dinosaur for Christmas, but it was impossible. The park director sent him a personal message apologizing.

Via Facebook / Andre Bisson

Due to the delay, Tamba Park decided to send a slightly smaller dinosaur. When the giant dinosaur arrived in Jersey, its skin became moist, increasing its weight. When he arrived, they said that seven men could not lift him, so they had to organize to move him.

Now they have a smaller dinosaur in their garden

Via Facebook / Andre Bisson

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