Marmot Steals Farmer’s Harvest And Eats It In Front Of His Security Camera

Marmot steals farmer's crops, and he decides to have her as a "pet."


On Facebook, a video recently went viral where a groundhog appears eating a farmer's crops. The farmer realized this after he installed a security camera to reveal the true identity of the thief of his crops and found a beautiful groundhog debuting all his crops. The man decided to share what his security camera recorded on social networks and they quickly went viral.

The man who posted the images on Facebook is called Jeff Permar, he is a man who likes fresh food, so he decided to grow food in his own home and take care of them as if they were his children, without using pesticide.

Jeff Permar's life took a turn months ago, after he got up he realized that a thief entered his farm and robbed his entire crop. He wanted to know who had stolen the crops, then decided to put a fence and installed a security camera.

Via Facebook

"I noticed that my garden was damaged and that it was not a normal pestilence, it was something different. I had all kinds of vegetables and each one was bitten, it seemed that they were trying a little of everything. I looked for prints that would help me identify the thief, but it left no trace," said Permar.

After reviewing the security camera recordings, the farmer saw who had been eating his food, it was a groundhog that did not mind that Permar saw how he ate his vegetables, the groundhog was posing in front of the security camera.

"At first I was very upset. I raised the height of the fence, put logs around to prevent them from digging, but nothing worked. He kept getting into my garden, at least 3 times a day and always looked at the camera," Permar said.

Instead of harming the animal, the farmer decided to have it as his "pet" and created a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of the groundhog eating his vegetables. The man decided to call the groundhog "Chunk", and now he's a superstar, he already has thousands of followers on Facebook.


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