If You’re Still Poor It’s Because You Probably Still Buy These Things

Unnecessary things that you probably buy and leave you without money.


We all agree that every day we buy things we probably don’t need and leave us without money. As much as we try not to spend money, it is sometimes impossible not to do so. Surely you buy many things (like me) that you don’t really need, they can be the simplest things such as: buying a coffee every day, buying water bottles separately, or even buying junk food.

  1. 1 When you use coupons you spend up to twice as much money compared to someone who doesn't use them.

    Although we do not want to, we are many who fall into these offers. When we receive a coupon we feel the need to buy more products to get another "free", but in reality we end up spending more money.

  2. 2 Sugary drinks, do you really need them?

    You cannot deny that you have bought a sugary drink without needing it. According to studies, the average American consumes up to 44 gallons of sugary drinks annually, that explains many things. And although they are only drinks, it is another expense. It is better to invest in a water filter so you don't have to buy it every so often.

  3. 3 Buying books also leaves you without money...

    Buying books sounds like a good investment, you always learn something from them, but when it becomes an "addiction" it can lead people to buy several books every week and that doesn't benefit you at all. Some recommendations are that when you finish reading a book, you could sell it again.

  4. 4 If you buy a lot of street food, you should control yourself.

    This is an interesting topic, many experts recommend that you make your own food at home but sometimes we cannot control ourselves when we smell food on the street. If you are someone who wants to save money the best thing would be to stop buying food in restaurants, and start cooking.

  5. 5 Using your own car is a great expense!

    Many people do not agree with this, if you have a car you probably feel the need to use it always and it is normal, but to save extra money it is better to use public transport sometimes. The second most expensive expense is the mode of transport.

  6. 6 Paying for warranty is also another unnecessary cost

    When you buy a new product, they will most likely suggest paying for the warranty, and for many this is good but for others it is a totally unnecessary expense, for many it sounds stupid but only calculates how much you would spend for warranty. For example: when you buy a laptop they tell you to pay an amount of money for a guarantee of several years, most likely in 1 year you don't even remember where you bought it.

  7. 7 Do not spend money on hotels!!!

    If you are one of the people who go on vacation and spend thousands of dollars in just 1 week paying for a hotel you may want to consider it the next time you travel. Spending on hotels is personal preference, but there are companies that allow you to rent rooms the nights you want for a much lower price than hotels, even depending on where you travel, if you have a friend there, you could stay for free.

  8. 8 Buying souvenirs when traveling.

    This is not a very large expense, many people when they travel decide to buy souvenirs to take home such as: key chains, stickers and more. But if you think about it, most likely you don't need them and it is only an unnecessary expense on your trip.

  9. 9 Do not invest in things you do not understand

    Many people spend on things they do not even understand, this is not only buying a product but also investing in something like for example: many people get the idea that investing in cryptocurrencies will make them rich and start investing large amounts of money but end up losing everything, don't be that kind of person who spends money without first knowing what you're spending it on.


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