A Penguin Learns To Go To The Market To Buy Her Own Food

Penguin went once a week to buy fish herself.


Japan long ago had a not very common inhabitant. A female penguin who was found in a fishing net was rescued by a family, they took care of her and even taught her to do things. This penguin went to the market alone so she could buy fish to eat it.

This penguin lasted a long time going to the market, everyone watched her walk the streets from when she left her family's house until she arrived at the market to buy fish.

Since the penguin was found by a family they could not separate from her. When they found her, she was very small, so they fed her with a dropper until she grew up and became stronger. She also got used to living with humans so she stayed to live with them.

It was so much love that they felt for her that they even gave her her own room where there was a powerful air conditioner so that she did not suffer from heat and could develop properly.

What surprised people the most was the intelligence of the penguin, she began accompanying the person who took care of her to the market to buy fish, then she learned the way and went alone.

The penguin always used a backpack and went out to walk the streets until she reached the market to buy fish where they already recognized her. She went to the market once a week, where she ate fish and the rest was carried in her backpack.

The city of Shibushi, Japan where this penguin lived did not have the temperatures necessary for her to live, but that did not prevent her and her family from living together, they had already established a very strong relationship. The family always worried about taking care of her.

The story of this penguin is ancient but it is regaining popularity, still surprising the intelligence of this animal, but unfortunately she died due to its age. With this impressive story, many would like (including myself) to have a penguin as a pet.


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