10 Romantic Series To Watch During Quarantine That Will Fill Your Heart With Love

10 romantic series you must see to believe in love again.


There is nothing better than enjoying a good series. Maybe you are one of those who watch suspense, comedy, or action series, and despite the fact that they are good genres, we should also talk about romantic series — the ones that make you cry and love.

Although we know that the perfect relationship does not exist, at least we can see some series that make us believe in love. In case you need to believe in love again, we've made a list of the 10 romantic series you should see.

  1. 1 Modern Love (2019)

    Modern Love shows us several stories of different relationships, they show us the different faces of love. In addition, it has a great cast like Anne Hathaway, Andrew Scott, John Slaterry, Tina Fey, among others.

  2. 2 Outlander (2014)

    Claire is a nurse who decides to travel to Scotland with her husband after the Second World War ended. In a strange event, Claire is transported to 18th century Scotland, where she meets Jaime — a warrior with whom she falls in love.

  3. 3 Wanderlust (2018)

    It tells the story of a marriage that decides to add more people to their relationship.

  4. 4 Virgin River (2019)

    This series is based on the Robyn Carr novels, and tells the story of Mel — a nurse who abandons her life in the city to go to work in a small town. She then meets a man with whom she falls in love.

  5. 5 This Is Us (2016)

    This series talks about a marriage, their three children and how they live difficult moments in their lives.

  6. 6 Fleabag (2016)

    This comedy series deals with different topics such as family conflicts, existential crises, sex, among others.

  7. 7 Run (2020)

    This series tells how a former couple from university reunited years later and left their current life to escape and fulfill a pact they made when they were younger.

  8. 8 Spinning Out (2020)

    This drama series tells how two athletes fall deeply in love.

  9. 9 Crashing (2017)

    This dramatic comedy tells the story of a group of adults who live in an abandoned hospital. In the midst of their loneliness, they will begin to feel love for each other.

  10. 10 Dramaworld (2016)

    This series tells the story of a young girl obsessed with k-dramas, where she ends up living her favorite series and in love with the protagonist.


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