14 Great Tricks Used in the Recordings of These Famous Movies

Creative tricks used in movies to facilitate the recording of a scene.


The final result of many of the films we see is surprising, especially the action movies and superheroes that have many special effects, but those who do the real magic behind the scenes have to use their imagination to do a great job. Here are some tricks used to record many of the movies you've seen.

  1. 1 The letters of Star Wars

    Via YouTube

    Maybe you saw these iconic letters everywhere, these letters that appear in the Star Wars movies were not made on computer, it was just a trick with the camera.

  2. 2 The doubles of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings

    Via YouTube

    To create two similar characters technology is often used, but not this time, they achieved a great result using two people who looked alike. This is called creativity.

  3. 3 Inglourious Basterds cabin

    Via YouTube

    When you saw this movie, maybe you thought it was actually in a cabin in the middle of the forest, the reality is that they were in a very open place, and all the production team was around the cabin. Without a doubt, they did a great job.

  4. 4 How lions were drawn in The Lion King

    The animators had no idea how to animate a lion, so they took a lion to the studio where the animators captured all the movements of the lion to create the movie we have all seen called The Lion King.

  5. 5 Driving on the roof in Baby Driver

    In this movie, the driver was controlling the vehicle from the roof, so all the actors could work safely.

  6. 6 Chocolate and watermelons for the shower scene in Psycho

    This scene is iconic in horror movies, and only syrup was used to simulate the blood (the color did not matter, the movie was black and white) and they also told the actor to stab a watermelon to make it look more realistic.

  7. 7 A lot of cardboard in The Birds

    Via YouTube

    Most birds you see in this movie are made of cardboard.

  8. 8 Running in the movie 1917

    Via YouTube

    This scene was achieved using a truck carrying a camera and excellent coordination so that everyone ran at the exact moment, the result is wonderful.

  9. 9 How they ride the motorcycle in Matrix 4

    Via YouTube

    Trinity is distinguished by her great ability driving motorcycles, but this is achieved because the motorcycle is hooked to another truck so they ensure that there is no risk.

  10. 10 Little Women skating scene

    Via YouTube

    They are not really skating in this scene of Little Women, the producers put fake ice near the river and recorded the scene with a tricycle.

  11. 11 The drug scene in Scarface

    Via YouTube

    The scene in which Al Pacino is using a mountain of drugs was impressive, but the reality is that this powder was nothing but vitamin D. Incredible.

  12. 12 A little milk in Singin’ in the rain

    Via YouTube

    In this classic milk was mixed with water, so that the “rain” was more visible, and in the end it became one of the most remembered scenes of all time.

  13. 13 A real size figure in Sonic

    Via YouTube

    It was not going to be easy for the actors to interact with an invisible Sonic, that is why they made a Sonic figure to make it easier for the actors to locate where Sonic was.

  14. 14 The vault in Fast and Furious

    Via YouTube

    The vault actually had a vehicle inside, so it would be easier to move it, and we got the impression that it was being moved by two cars.


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