Disney / Pixar will launch COCO 2?

Disney and Pixar will launch COCO 2?


Disney and Pixar again decided to join forces to create another work of art, in this case it was the COCO movie. The movie was well received by the public as it talks about the culture of Mexico and the celebration of El dia de los Muertos.

The film tells us about Miguel, a boy with the dream of becoming a singer known as his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Miguel is desperate to teach the world his talent. Miguel is in a colorful place that is the land of the dead. After meeting several people there he discovers that his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz did not really write any of his songs and only stole them.

The film tells the story of a boy named Miguel, only 12 years old, who lives with his family in a small town in Mexico. Miguel loves music that is why his dream is to become a world-famous singer like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Fulfilling his dream will not be easy, his family is prohibited from any contact with the music, this is because Miguel's great-grandfather abandoned his family for trying to become a famous musician. Everything changes when surprisingly Migue finds a photo which makes him discover that his great-grandfather is his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, so that the day of the dead decides to enroll in a competition that will take place in the center of town.

His family discovers that Miguel enrolls in the competition and breaks his guitar and as he needs a new guitar he decides to go to the cemetery to take Ernesto de la Cruz's guitar but for some reason a portal opens to the world of the dead, so Miguel enters the land of the dead and from there he meets his deceased family which also as the living are against the music.

The story of the movie was well written, and that left many with the question of whether there will be a second part. On YouTube we can find a video titled "COCO 2 TRAILER" where everyone appears in the center of town, but unfortunately this trailer is fake. It is a part that is at the end of the original movie.

Disney and Pixar have said that there will be no second part, we all know that they have said the same thing with other movies and then they make a second part like Finding Nemo. We must not lose faith.


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