Neighbors Create Their Own Bar Between Their Backyards To Respect Social Distance

Neighbors create a bar in their backyards to have fun together during quarantine.


Due to the quarantine, many are not being able to enjoy as they used to, so these neighbors built a bar on the fence that divides their backyards, to continue drinking together and following the rules of social distancing in the UK.

Abbie Courtney

Chris and Abbie started joking about creating their own bar in their backyard, since they have to stay at home, it turns out that their neighbors also thought it was a good idea. Suddenly, their idea had become a reality, they proceeded to prepare the bar.

They already had enough wood in their backyard, which they had gathered over time, they just needed to start the project. Chris placed indicators on either side of the backyards to follow the rules of social distancing, and to make sure there is no risk of becoming infected.

Abbie Courtney

It's about friendship and love for us - and staying in touch with loved ones. The pub's open 24 hours a day and cost nothing to build. More than anything it's fun and great for us because we've got something to look forward to every night. It's always going to be there now and the memories will stay with us.

How do you know your neighbours aren't nice? This is the time now to say 'let's have a drink over the wall. Let's burn the bridges'. As long as we can make people smile we don't care - we're happy.

— Abbie Courtney

Abbie Courtney

They had the idea to create a bar in their backyard since 2017, and since they are at home and have a lot of free time they decided to make their dream come true. Their neighbor works in a hospital, that gave them one more reason to build the bar, so she can relax and so everyone can have fun.

We just want to make people laugh and have some fun. We said 'you know what, we should actually fold our fence down so if ever the kids are in bed we can have a few drinks and socialise over the wall'.

When we knew the lockdown was definitely on the way we knew we needed to do something. We delayed it until I said 'right, come on. Do it now'

I got my husband to work and the best thing is it didn't cost a penny. My husband is a hoarder and keeps every plank of wood. We renovated our house so we have saws and everything.

Our neighbour's eight-year-old daughter designed the sign and we made it. We already had the paint. That was her homeschooling work - it was brilliant.

— Abbie Courtney

Abbie Courtney

They now have a place where they can have fun together without the risk of becoming infected, and they also know that their children are safe at home while they go out to enjoy with their neighbors. Surely they are not the only ones who will make a bar in their backyard.


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