She Is 19 Years Old And Her Mother Is 43, Everyone Thinks They Are Sisters

Everyone thinks they are sisters because of their great resemblance, but in reality they are mother and daughter.


Joleen Díaz is a beautiful mother of 43 years, very often everyone thinks that she is the sister of her daughter Meilani, 19 years old. She is not offended by the comparison, she feels proud, not many people can believe that there is a difference of 23 years between them.

Joleen is a teacher at an elementary school in California, United States and recently revealed her great secret to look so young and lead a healthy life. Before continuing, look at the photo, try to guess who the daughter is and who the mother is.

Maybe you didn't expect them to look so similar, they look like sisters. Joleen is the woman on the left, with black hair, this is very impressive.

Joleen says that she is very close to her daughter Meilani, says they do a lot of things together, such as shopping, exercising together and even traveling. Thanks to the relationship they have created, the daughter is not offended when people think her mother is her sister and Joleen doesn't care either, she was young when she was pregnant, so you could say they are "sisters."

Despite looking so young, Joleen said she prefers not to go to parties with her daughter, and said: "I don't think I can do that with her, I already lived it. Now I prefer to stay at home, drink hot tea and see a movie".

Joleen says she looks very young at 43 for continuing with her healthy and active lifestyle, she says she doesn't drink alcohol many times. Rest and having a balanced and healthy diet is something she does too. Despite eating healthy and exercising, she takes care of her skin with many products, creams and sunscreens.

Although she has not specifically revealed what she is doing, whatever she does is working for her. Joleen is helping her daughter lead a healthy life, she thinks that the younger she starts to take care of herself, the better.

Apart from using skin care products, she also believes that her relaxed attitude also helps her stay young. "I am quite pragmatic and try not to worry too much about the past or anticipate worries in the future," Joleen said.

Joleen shares photos of her and her daughter through her Instagram account, because of this many followers begin to express their confusion and still do not understand how Joleen having a daughter, she has known how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many say they don't know how to differentiate who the mother is and who the daughter is.


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