The Man Who Created The Articulated Fingers Shows Surprising New Designs

Articulated Fingers, the gloves to make your fingers longer.


Meet Gary Fay, he created the Articulated Fingers. What are the Articulated Fingers? It is basically a fake hand that allows you to have longer fingers, it is simple to use. Most likely, you are asking what it would be used for if you already have a hand, well these can serve as entertainment or simply to be able to grab bigger things.

He has created many designs, this is one of them.

How did it all start?

You will be surprised to know that as simple as the hand looks, it took Gary Fay several years just to design it. Gary Fay not only designed 1 prototype, they were years after years making new designs and perfecting the product, the result is incredible.

Another reason why the product lasted so long in development is because Gary had to teach himself CAD (Computer-aided design). Another interesting fact of the product is that it is not being manufactured in factories, this whole project started thanks to a 3D printer.

Look at this other design!

As simple as they look, they are expensive!

This product is as simple as you see it, if you want it will cost you. The price around is $ 100 USD up to $ 200 USD or more. People don't like the price, they wonder how a simple hand made on a 3D printer can cost so much. Why does it cost a lot? Considering that it has taken years to perfect the product, and also all the pieces are assembled by him, we can understand why the price is so high.

Would you like that product to be your Christmas gift?

After so much effort designing and perfecting the product, many large brands have approached Gary Fay interested in his product. His design has been recognized, he is finally receiving the recognition he deserves — said a friend of Gary in Imgur.

Have you seen a similar design elsewhere?

Many people after seeing the product have said that it is similar to a glove with similar functions that appeared in an episode of the Futurama series. Are the functions similar? Yes, in Futurama the glove allowed your fingers to be longer, the same function of Gary Fay's product.

We do not know if he was inspired by Futurama or not, anyway it is a good idea to bring this project to the real world and that it can be acquired easily. More information about the product can be obtained through Gary Fay's Instagram account.


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