10 Curiosities About Japan That Will Make You Want To Live There

Reasons to live in Japan.


Japan has become one of the most technological countries in the world, as well as maintaining its culture. Life in Japan is incredible and you may want to live there after knowing some reasons that make this country great.

If you compare Japan with your country you will notice the huge differences. Maybe some of their customs seem strange to you, but they live like that.

  1. 1 They love minimalism

    We usually have many things in our homes, even very decorated rooms, but in Japan they always look for the simplest. Their architecture is based on simplicity.

  2. 2 They respect the things of others

    In most countries when catastrophes occur, houses are abandoned, this gives people the opportunity to steal. In Japan, when disasters occur, people do not steal from each other, they all come together to help each other.

  3. 3 Their language is advanced

    Speaking Japanese seems complicated, maybe you didn't know that there are four kinds of Japanese, they are used for different occasions. Their language has basic, respectful, polite and very polite levels.

  4. 4 In Japan there are not many immigrants

    A few years ago it was impossible to move to Japan, but in recent years they have begun to accept foreigners, but they are subject to examinations. They do not let anyone live in their country.

  5. 5 It is normal to adopt in Japan

    In Japan, many families have trouble having a male child to continue their legacy. Adopting children is very common there. An example is Suzuki Osamu, who owns the Suzuki automotive company, is the fourth inheritance.

  6. 6 Japan's gardens are impressive

    The Japanese love to keep their gardens clean. This is an ancient tradition, and it has become one of the biggest attractions of Japan. They seek to live with nature as much as they can, and decorate the gardens with many trees, water and sometimes even fish.

  7. 7 Japan has the best Disneyland

    Source: Pixabay.com

    When Disney started building parks outside the United States, Japan was the next country. The Disneyland in Japan is considered the most beautiful of all and the most expensive.

  8. 8 In Japan there are many jobs

    When a worker proves to be excellent, they are likely to be offered a lifetime contract. Those who work in government institutions and some private companies are offered such contracts so that they work until they can.

  9. 9 They live for many years

    Japan is on the list of countries with the best quality of life. The life expectancy there is 85 years, there are more than 30,000 Japanese who are over 100 years old.

  10. 10 Japan has one of the best cities in the world

    Forbes magazine considers Osaka the third best city to live, surpassed only by some cities in Australia. Osaka is one of the safest cities and best urban landscapes.


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